Thursday, February 14, 2008

Very Few New Refreshing Strategy games

Traditionally action based and strategy based games are considered to be quite opposite to each other. The former seeks to tap the user's heightened state of awareness (user senses) to give him a real-world experience and the latter seeks more intellectual involvement. In the recent past, there have been much lesser strategy games developed in comparison to action games.

In action games, the majority of the variations come in the form of higher quality user experience, better 3D graphics and interactivity. As an action game evolves through its versions, more computer power and higher quality graphics cards ensure that the gamers remained glued to their seats.

In contrast, strategy games involve the user in the game writer's plot; the aim being to involve the user such that he feels challenged enough to complete the mission. Here the plot is the key and the better graphics are like additional features to attract the user. So when the plot is the same, it is likely that the future versions of the same game may not involve the user to the same extent. So, we need different and refreshing plots for strategy games.

There was a time when development of strategy games was a big thing and development of strategy games was not behind action games. However now for the past few years, there have been very few new original ideas in strategy games.

Whatever happened to big strategy games... Would like to understand others views...

I am hoping that in the next few posts I will be able to cover more links and topics on strategy gaming